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We are a small business based in Greater London. All our work is highly specialised and produced by three people; this means we research your family history, write your reports, answer your emails and telephone calls, design the website, market and maintain the business between the three of us!

Our first forays into the world of family history began when we started to research our own family trees back in 1985/86; between us we have combined experience of 54 years! We are still as enthusiastic as ever about ancestry and family history and working on your family tree means that your ancestors and surnames become as important to us as our own.

We believe in very high standards, we have been taught well – see below. All family trees and family histories researched by us are verified through evidence and documentation. All work is original and comes with a genealogy research guarantee which means that wherever possible proof of ancestry is provided and our work is of the highest quality.

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The GenealogistPrincipal Genealogist
Studied at the IHGS and the University of Strathclyde. She also learnt genealogical methods through reference library based work, learning about access to resources, databases and bibliographies. She is a trained cataloguer and has organised access to materials and data heirarchies for libraries. She has taken courses in genealogy and social history and is currently writing a niche genealogy guide to assist family historians with their research. She is the founder and director of 'Family History Gifts' and the director of three other high profile family tree based websites.
She is not concerned with how far back she can trace her ancestry, but learning about who her ancestors were.


Personal Development
This new section will list current personal development courses and lectures we have attended or are currently undertaking:
PG Cert, Genealogical, Palaeographic & Heraldic Studies, University of Strathclyde – "impressive… submission, research work and your web page"
Genealogy business – lecture, Dr Bruce Durie
The myth of brick walls and bulletproofing your research – lecture, Dr Iain Macdonald
National Archives – Palaeography
Records of the Great Courts: Chancery, Exchequer, etc. – lecture, Michael Gandy
Genetic genealogy and the history of surnames – lecture Dr Iain McDonald.


Association of Professional GenealogistsWe are members of the Association of Professional Genealogists.



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